Your skin is begging you to go see a Dermatologist!

Face Skin Care

Most of us take our skin for granted and really don’t pay too much attention to it, that is until we start seeing signs of aging. Often, we only step into our Dermatologist office when we are having an issue with our skin.

Dermatologists want you know what positive steps you can take, so you can recapture or hold on to your youthful complexion. Here are some of their biggest pet peeves about our skincare routines.

Popping your pimples: pimple popping isn’t an innocent pastime or an anti-stress activity. Pocking or picking at your zits is one of the easiest ways to spread bacteria that causes breakouts. Plus it can cause scarring, swelling and redness. The best way to prevent acne is by not touching your face; the more you touch your face the more breakouts you will have.

Not using sunscreen: just because it is overcast outside doesn’t mean there is no risk of UV light exposure. One of the main causes of early onset aging and skin cancer is caused by UV light, which can penetrate through the cloudiest day. Even short, unprotected exposures to sun can damage and put your skin at risk, such as driving your car or walking the dog around the block.

Any type of sun tanning: whether you are using a tanning bed or are tanning outside, it is the worst thing you can do to your skin. If you noticed a mole changing color, you should be worried. The same goes for your skin; any color change is your skin warning you of danger. The more often you tan, the higher risk you are for developing skin cancer.

Think tanning beds are safer that conventional tanning? Tanning beds expose your body to 15 times more radiation than the sun. Newer tanning beds are even more dangerous.

Forgetting to protect your chest and neck: one of the biggest mistakes we make is assuming that our facial skin is more delicate but actually the skin on our neck and chest are the thinnest on our body. Over exposure to the sun on these areas, will cause dark spots and broken capillaries, plus a risk of cancer.

How you remove your makeup: we know that you are tired and you just want to take your makeup off and crawl into bed. But using aggressive makeup remover sheets and rubbing excessively can damage your skins elastic fibers and promote pigment production, which leads to brown spots. Remove your makeup using soft circular motions.

Avoiding a yearly skin check up: most of us don’t realize that we need to see the dermatologist yearly for a thorough skin check up. This will remind you to take all of the precautions to avoid skin cancer. Plus, most types of melanoma and skin cancer are easily treated if caught in time. Hey, seeing your dermatologist could save your life.

Not getting new skin spots checked out: if you see a new spot or changes to an old spot, don’t delay in getting it checked out. Check yourself out weekly in a well-lit room and get your partner or friend to check out areas that you are unable to see yourself. If you see a mole that is asymmetrical in size, irregular borders, different colored and is growing, then you need to go see your dermatologist.

Stop using Google!: we love the Internet but it will not cure you. Many times, wrong self-diagnosis will worsen the condition because you will use the wrong product. So if you have a strange rash, don’t just Google. Make an appointment with your dermatologist and get a correct diagnosis.

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