Your Beloved Shapewear Might be Messing with Your Body

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You know you love your shapewear for helping you look flawless and streamlined look your little black dress. But health care providers are warning us that squeezing ourselves into extremely tight fitting undergarments can actually be quite dangerous to our long-term health.

No matter what your reason’s are for wearing body shaping wear, physicians claim that any types of clothing that apply compression to your body are unhealthy.

But remember these concerns are directly related to the fit and how long you are wearing your shapewear daily. Here are some of the concerns doctors are expressing about wearing our beloved shapewear.

Why Are Doctors Telling us to Stop Wearing Shapewear

If you wear your tummy-control briefs or panties for extremely long periods such as 24/7. Compression around your abdomen can cause a condition called meralgia paresthetica to develop, which causes temporary nerve damage. Resulting in numbness, tingling and shooting pain from your thigh down to your knees (lasting up to several weeks).

Doctor’s are observing an influx of young women suffering from acid reflux due to stuffing their organs into a tight body shaper. The compression puts unnecessary pressure on their abdomen and internal organs causing the stomach acid to be pushed up into the esophagus, in other words acid reflux.

Physicians have also observed that an increase of younger woman with varicose veins presenting cases related to wearing shapewear that was too tight or the wrong fit.

They have other concerns but they haven’t proven to be linked directly to wearing shapewear for women such as slower digestion and incontinence.

Plus you might love wearing your compression leggings at the gym for taking some amazing selfies, but there still is no proven studies showing that wearing them will help you perform better at the gym.

There have been cases of acne or breakouts caused by wearing oily, dirty body wear. But regularly washing your undergarments and throwing them away when they get old can easily solve this issue.

Brownie points for shapewear

Doctors actually recommend wearing any type of shapewear after working out such as compression socks, tights or leggings. As the extra compression prevents that blood from pooling around the legs and feet causing a build up of lactic acid (toxins) which can prevent your muscles from recovering.

Body shaper for women also helps to prevent you body’s skin from stretching out of place and causing cellulite and stretch marks. Plus, they help to reduce the appearance of them by holding your skin in place. A win-win any way you look at.

Actually there are quite a few benefits from wearing tummy-tamers and they can be summarized below:

  • Instant confidence boost
  • An immediate slimmer figure and silhouette
  • Completely invisible under clothes
  • Helps to make you more conscience of your body, encouraging you to make healthy choices.
  • Improves your posture

Plus some of the best body shapers can help give you curves you never even had, such as a perky booty, and giving the attention you need to get noticed.

Even though it was already mentioned above, that full body shapers can improve your posture, plus erase signs that come from aging due to poor posture. Such as humpback, fat buttocks, etc. All of us know that standing straighter makes us look more confident and slimmer.

The verdict

As with everything in life, the key lies in the balance. Most of the dangerous side effects doctors are so concerned about are directly related to over wearing body wear for extremely prolonged periods and wearing a size that is too small for your body; hence it applies too much compression on your internal organs.


Make sure you don’t wear your shapewear for periods longer than eight hours a day. Wash them correctly after each use and never put them on while still wet.

Make sure you buy the correct size, if you are looking for plus size shapewear don’t reason that a petite small will do the job. Each size is designed to safely compress your body and be comfortable and leave you looking smoother and more streamlined. A smaller size won’t only cause you some health concerns but you will be in pain all day and your wiggly parts will get pushed up into another area, maybe making you look even fatter.

If you are looking for a quick fix to hide your love handles or cellulite but want to avoid the risks that come from wearing shapewear, well you can always ask you, mom or grandma, to lend you their muumuu.

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