Where to buy clothing online?

buy clothing online

Love shopping but hate the long queues, crowded shopping malls and fighting to find a parking space? Most of us have a love-hate relationship with shopping for clothes. Thankfully, online shopping has taken the pain out of clothing shopping.

But, ordering clothes online has its’ disadvantages and advantages. One of the biggest advantages is that you can get better bargains, sales and discounts online than at the actual store. But a disadvantage is that you are ordering a product that you have never seen and have no idea how it will actually fit.

Most online stores offer free returns, if you are not 100% satisfied with the product.

Below are 7 of the best online clothing stores for variety, price and quality and of course, free returns.

Boohoo: www.boohoo.com

In only ten years, Boohoo has transformed itself into one of the biggest online clothing retailers for budget friendly fashion trends. Boohoo has won many awards for their price-savvy styles, providing the latest fashion styles at an affordable price for both men and women.

Old Navy: oldnavy.gap.com

Offering affordable fashion for the entire family. Whether you are looking for the latest styles for men, women, children, babies or maternity wear, this is your one-stop site for all of your clothing needs. Providing you with your entire wardrobe needs from your favorite T-shirts with catchy logos to comfy pajamas.

Forever21: www.forever21.com

Considered to be the authority on fashion for young teenagers and adults under 35. Providing you with the hottest styles and trends at the lowest prices, Forever21 has become the main source of today’s young women and men fashion source.

Victoria Secret: www.victoriassecret.com

They are world renown for the best bras, panties, lingerie and most stunning models. Often setting the standard to what is hot and what is not in the lingerie world. Offering all types of undergarments, lingerie, sleepwear, athleisure wear and just about everything related to beauty.

H&M: www.hm.com

They are your one-stop fashion destination for men, women and kids, providing the most fashionable clothing at the best price. Recently, they have stepped over into the world of home decor allowing you not only update your wardrobe but your house as well.

Topshop USA: us.topshop.com

Addicted to fashion? Dedicated in giving the hottest fashions in the best brands at the lowest prices online. Expect to see huge savings for all of the items for men, women and children. Carrying each season’s essential items to keep you looking your best.

River Island: www.riverisland.com

More than 60 years of experience in the fashion industry has made them a leader in retail business. Taking Britain’s latest fashion around the globe at affordable prices.

How to avoid making exchanges when ordering clothing online

But of you are like me and hate wasting time to deal with returns or exchanges, here are some simple hints on how to order the correct size and fit the first time.

Keep on hand up-to-date accurate measurements: One of the main reasons for returning a product is incorrect fit according to the majority of big box online stores. To avoid getting the wrong size, make sure you get correct measurements of your body.

Check the size charts: Once you understand your actual size and are not thinking in terms of large, size 12 or 38 waist, you will be able to use their size charts and order the right size. Size charts will be your best friend and take the pain out of ordering clothes online.

Read the reviews: Take the time to read the reviews by customers who purchased the same item. These reviews can give you insight into the cut, style and fit, even the quality of the material used.

When in doubt: If you are still in doubt yourself to the fit or quality, you can always drive to the actual store and try the item on and see how it looks. Then go home and order it online for a reduced price. If that isn’t possible, try ordering a size larger and get it taken in at a seamstress or tailor.

Keep a list: Most online clothing stores, show your previous orders in your account, which allows you to remember the size you ordered last time and how it fit. This way you can order the correct size time after time.

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