The 6 Best Sports Bras to Go for a Run

Women who are’hooked’ on running, and who go out for a regular run, find themselves in serious headaches when it comes to choosing the most suitable sports equipment. No, we’re not talking about running shoes, tights or T-shirts… The real problem comes when you have to buy a sports bra that fits your needs. Of course, the choice is not always easy. Especially when it comes to large sizes. These sizes do not have to be excessive, but simply a little larger than average. That is, sizes 95 and up.

Fortunately, today, this section of sports equipment has evolved a lot and well. The main sports brands of reference in the running sector offer a wide variety of models to cover most of the demands of runners. So the homemade resort of wearing two bras – one on top of the other – for running comfortably and with good support is now ruled out for all intents and purposes.

Considering that with the conventional bra, our breasts have a high oscillation, the sports bra is the right solution to reduce this rebound in every stride. And without forgetting that a larger size of the breasts in question, will force you to have greater support and control.

Best sport bra

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With all of this, the first aspect you should keep in mind when choosing a specific model of bra to go for a run is focused on determining the level of impact of the physical activity you are doing. It’s clearly not the same as running as yoga, for example. Support is not the same for one sport as for another. Thus, we open a brief parenthesis. Running, volleyball or mountain biking are disciplines that require high support. Basketball, skiing and tennis require medium support, while yoga, pilates or spinning require a rather low level of support.

Having clarified the nuance of the subjection, other important sections that should be analyzed, when you are deciding on one model or another, are summarized in:

  • Well-sealed and seamless structure. It will gain in comfort, support and breathability. In addition, the fewer seams there are, the lower the risk of suffering from annoying and painful chafing.
  • Made with technical fabric. It expels moisture out of the body and maintains gentle contact with the skin.
  • Adjustable shoulder straps. Both front and rear, as they offer an individualized fit, distributing the weight better, and at the same time adapting to every movement.
  • Designed with a single glass. This design not only covers and shapes, but also significantly improves the grip.
  • Wide lower band. You will achieve an optimal fit and good support.
  • Hook and loop fasteners. They provide extra comfort and reinforce the fit. Better hidden than visible, in the aesthetic plane there is no color.

To sum up in a single sentence, the sports bra must fit well, hold better and that its compression does not lead to any kind of chafing. It is the perfect formula to avoid the constant rocking of the breasts, and that we are able to run in the most comfortable and pleasant way possible. So the sports bra bet is clear, and of course, right.

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