Shapewear has gone mainstream and now they are ready to take over your underwear drawer

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Control underwear styles are our everyday go-to as they are being made from more lightweight, seamless designs that don’t compress but delicately smooth and sculpt our curves. Spanx has transformed itself into a genetic term for all shapewear brands, while the actual brand of Spanx begins to fade into the background.

Women are finally getting fed up with being considered to be feminist or anti-feminist, according to their fashion choices such as the height of their heels or the length of their fake eyelashes. Today’s woman just wants to feel comfortable and wear what she wants, without being chastised for her decision.

For example, the lingerie leader, Victoria’s Secret, has been drastically losing sales for the last few years and now is facing the risk of bankruptcy. Why? Women don’t want to be told that they need to wear what men consider to be sexy. Women want to wear something that makes them feel sexy. Victoria’s Secret has been severely criticized over the years, for using anorectic-looking models.

When we think about shapewear, it is the complete opposite to what Victoria’s Secret represents. In the past, control undergarments were beige-toned and that is the last thing we would imagine seeing on the catwalk. But recent changes to the shapewear industry have made them more mainstreamed and can honestly be deemed sexy and exciting. e

The popularity surrounding shapewear has to do with the fact that women are learning to embrace their curves, instead of compressing them into oblivion. Celebrities such as Rihanna, Kim Kardashian and Beyoncé are known for posting sensual pictures of them wearing shapewear on their social media accounts. Plus, more and more, A-Listers proudly flaunt the fact that their red-carpet look is due to shapewear.

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Shapewear has been going through a revolution for the past few decades and finally it is ready to stand up for women everywhere, by making them feel empowered, strong and confident. Often, the key to sexiness isn’t so much about what we wear but how we feel, in other words our confidence level. Millennials are one of the main reasons behind the shapewear boom, as they are accepting their little potbellies and thunder thighs but desire a little sculpting support.

Recently, Kim Kardashian launched her own all-inclusive shapewear collection called SKIMS. Within twenty minutes of releasing her line, she had sold more than two million dollars’ worth of inventory. Oprah, the queen of fashion, recently caused a shopping frenzy online when she listed the Prefect Black Pant by Spanx, with built-in shapewear as one of her annual “Favorite Things.”

Heist Studios, a newcomer on the shapewear scene, created one of the first skin-tone, inclusive line of tights and control undergarments. They recently created a campaign to get public opinion on what is the perfect body and if shapewear is anti-feminist. The results? Women everywhere spoke up and said it is a personal choice and the perfect body is our body.

Brands such as SKIMS, Savage X Fenty and Heist studios claim that creating lingerie and shapewear lines that are skin-tone inclusive is the first step in helping women celebrate their bodies. Women constantly praise shapewear for helping them to feel more confident, and overall, that is progression for feminists everywhere.

However, body control wear has seen a drastic change in the last few years. Women are opting for styles that are comfortable enough to be worn all day, everyday but without feeling compressed or tight. This has caused new shapewear brands to use innovative materials to create powerful yet lightweight designs to please the consumer.

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