Shapewear 101: The definitive shapewear guide by Naomi & Nicole

All of us can recall the crucial moment when Bridget Jones is deciding whether she should wear those huge, ugly granny knickers or those sexy black lacy panties. Those granny panties actually helped her land that attractive Daniel Cleaver, because she looked so amazing in that little gold dress.

Naomi & Nicole wants to help you look your best not just for that special occasion coming up but everyday. There is no reason why you shouldn’t take advantage of some of the newest, most innovative, high-tech materials and designs to transform your figure into a slimmer and sleeker figure.

Shapewear is the secret that takes your boring old ensemble to look updated, pulled together and professional. Plus, it will boost your confidence levels, since you will know all of your wiggly bits will be smoothed out, giving you a streamlined look. Naomi & Nicole want you to look your best, so we have compiled some of their most popular styles that you need in your closet.

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Give your body a quick lift by slipping into a shaping bodysuit. They might look and feel like your swimsuit but trust us, when we say that they are nothing like your swimsuit. Shaping bodysuits enhance all of your assets such as flatten your tummy, give your bust a natural lift and perk up that booty.

You can wear bodysuits under just about everything from dresses, skirts to pant suits. Even though, most bodysuits come with a built-in bra there are some options that allow you to wear it with your favorite bra. Another advantage to wearing a shaping bodysuit is that many gorgeous styles can be worn as outerwear.

Check the following bodysuits by Naomi & Nicole:

naomi and nicole bodysuits

Body control slips

Control slips are every girl’s little secret as it hugs your every curve, smoothing and slimming your entire bodice. If you want to define your midriff and thighs under that extremely tight, clingy dress, this is the way to go. Some shaping slips come with a built-in panty for extra-coverage.

Make sure you get the right size of shaping slip. If you accidently order a size too small, you will have bulges in places that you never imagined. The idea of using a slimming slip is to give you a smoother silhouette. It will not, however, make you fit into a smaller dress size.

Check out the following shaping control slips by Naomi & Nicole:

Naomi and Nicole shaping slip

Control camisoles

If you have ever worn a camisole, you are aware of their smoothing powers. No matter the level of compression offered in a shaping camisole, it will be oh-so comfortable and feel like a second skin hugging your body.

A shaping camisole is an excellent choice to smooth out your upper body and give your midriff an instant tummy tuck. Shaping camisoles are ideal for wearing under a top with a flared skirt, jeans or pants. Some styles are suitable for wearing as outerwear.

Check out the following control camisoles by Naomi & Nicole:

camisoles naomi and nicole

Waist cinchers

Having a nipped-in waist is all the rage recently, which has brought back an old favorite from the past giving women an hourglass figure for centuries. Girdles, corsets or waist cinchers will give your waistline a little extra definition. Waist cinchers are a simplified version of those old-fashioned girdles and corsets.

There are quite a few different styles such as Velcro fastening, hook-and-eye closures or pull-on designs. Plus, you can opt for sexy, lacy styles or simpler designs that will be completely invisible under your ensemble.

Check out the following waist cinchers by Naomi & Nicole:

cincher Naomi-and-Nicole

Thigh shapers and control briefs

This is one of the most popular styles of shapewear, as it gives your body a more streamlined, smooth, slimmer look, instantly. Plus, it will perk-up your booty and shape your thighs and hips, concealing any lumps and bumps.

They come in all levels of compression from light to firm and the ideal shapewear for first timers who are venturing into the exciting world of shapewear for the first time. You can wear them under everything, which makes them the best all-around shaping undergarment.

Check out the following thigh shapers and control briefs by Naomi & Nicole:

naomi shapers and control briefs

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