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It’s likely that if you search the internet reviews of a store you find both positive and negative opinions. So, how do you know what the truth is? Well, you must decide yourself according to your research. Today, I will tell you my story with Favworld, an online store like so many others. It’s my first review of this kind, so I hope you like it (let me a comment if you want me to review more stores!)

After placing my order on to buy a slimming thermo vest, I was intrigued and started looking for this e-shop.

favworld review

When I started looking for reviews about the site I found some negative comments, but I felt good about the fact that some negative reviews had nothing to do with the store, but problems with the bank or credit cards. Honestly, some people complained about things that one can quickly solve by sending an email. Customer service personnel also answered the reviews of this website.

Another positive thing I want to emphasize is that a customer service representative had answered all the reviews. That gives me to understand Favworld is a company that takes care of its consumers. Especially since they have been put to answer the customer’s reviews of a page that is not their own. There are people behind wanting to do things very well with the client.

Most of them talked about the pros of the Favworld:

  • The product was good
  • Customer service was very good
  • They accept Paypal, (is very good for security)
  • Shipping times are OK
  • They provide you with a tracking number that allows you to see where your package goes in the shipment
  • The purchase process is straightforward, from the beginning to the end

Tips to buy safe:

Before buying by choosing the size, look if there is no size chart below and measure you to know if the size you buy is the correct. Stores that ship worldwide, usually have different sizes. Don’t feel bad if you need an XL!

Read delivery times before ordering. The website states that shipping takes between 2-4 weeks. Their physical stores are in different parts of the world, so if they don’t have stock in the closest store to your home, they choose a store that is farther away and can delay more than you expect.

What did I learn making this Favworld review?

Even in the less popular review pages, every complaint about favworld had its answer below. And I’ve noticed something VERY important: YES, I had despaired in vain. Many of the reviews that people had left were of competitors (evidently).

How did I notice? Well, many reviewers had Indian or Latin names, people in these countries are usually hired to leave reviews for a few dollars. Also, most of the comments were misspelled.

On the other hand, many people complained that they didn’t change their products and gave tracking numbers that are NOT like the ones sent by favworld (I know this because I bought in this store and they use another tracking system).

Others, want to change the products and don’t accept the policy that you have to take a photo or offer a valid reason to return it… Strange, right? I mean, it’s obvious that you can’t return a product just because you don’t want it anymore and that’s it.

So as a tip, read well before making your purchase. Remember that every reliable website has its own FAQ and a chat, or Facebook customer service. And please, before sending negative reviews, be smart and talk to the customer service staff, who always answer.

So far my experience, have a happy shopping!

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