Myths and Realities about Losing Weight

Know the truth about losing weight, how certain are some old beliefs that we all know and which we should completely ignore…

For lose weight, you must know about the subject in question. This specific topic has many myths and beliefs that many times prefer to share and believe, rather than ascertaining the truthfulness of these.

In this article I present the most common myths and tell you which are true and which you should stop believing immediately, the more information you have, the easier it will be to lose weight healthily and without stress.

Read them and pay attention, maybe you’re doing something wrong and it’s time to correct it.losing weight tips

“For lose weight it is necessary to eliminate carbohydrates”

When you want to lose weight, it is important to learn to eat and to know which foods should be moderated and which should be completely eliminated from the eating plan.

Carbohydrates should not be completely eliminated, as these are foods that provide caloric energy, should be eaten in moderation and at specific times.

“For dinner, it is best to eat fruits”

Fruits are an essential ally when losing weight. But these must be consumed in moderation and always respecting the schedules to eat them.

At night, the ideal is to eat a serving of lean protein and vegetable salad without starch, such as: lettuce, cucumber, tomato, spinach, celery, brown.

The consumption of fruits at night has negative effects on the body, and is because it is composed of simple sugars, which are absorbed by the body and then burn them as natural energy, if consumed at night they are not digested and become in calories.

“If you lift weights while thinning the fat hardens”

Many trainers continue with the old belief that if you work with machines and lifting weight in the gym, you are hardening the dough. This is completely false, although you should work out more cardio than weights, these will aid in muscle building while burning fat.

“You should eat less, go hungry”

No, to lose weight you should eat more but better. The skip meals, only manages to make weight loss a slower process. The thing to do is to know how eat, the food rations must be balanced and complete.

This eliminates the problems of anxiety and itching uncontrollably between food and food.

“Using girdles will make you slim faster”

Incorrect, girdles have a specific function and will not make you lose weight faster, they will simply make you sweat more, and the weight is not lost by removing physical fluids.

The girdles can be very useful, they help improve posture and avoid hip or back injuries when lifting, they also help to sweat more and in this way avoid the retention of fluids.

“You should eat ligth foods”

Mayonnaise, ice cream, chocolates, anything labeled “Ligth or light” should be eaten very sparingly, or simply avoided, since the fact that they are low in sugar, does not mean that they are beneficial to your body.

“The ┬áhot water on fasting expels fat”

False, the accumulated fat is eliminated with constant work and a balanced diet, the hot water on fasting only will cause you a stomach ache and possible gastritis.


These are just a few of the myths about losing weight, many times the ignorance can cost very expensive, cause illnesses and health problems that are completely preventable.

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