Improve concentration is possible without the use of drugs

Learn to improve concentration so you can perform better at work, no matter that you do, you can always give more. We live in a time where doctors want to prescribe drugs for everything, sometimes this is a bit exaggerated that everything they want to solve with a prescription, improve concentration, eliminate discouragement and lose weight.

This dependence on drugs really has become alarming, so I want to recommend different techniques to improve your concentration without resorting to harmful drugs or stimulants.increase concentration

Why are you distracted?

The first thing to understand is that concentration is a habit that develops with a few discipline. Yes, you can choose to concentrate or just let yourself be distracted by any external elements.

In the office is very easy to lose concentration, it is enough for your partner to tell you an anecdote, or receive a notification from Facebook that you can not ignore.

But to make matters worse, if you work at home, distractions are much worse. If you have children, they will interrupt you constantly to ask you for a thousand things, and it is very likely that you do several things at once, such as serving a client while preparing pasta.

 I want to explain with these two examples is that wherever you are and whatever you do, distractions will always be there, it is up to you to learn to ignore them.

What to do to concentrate more

Some of the most effective recommendations for you to learn to improve concentration are the following.

Listen to the right music

Listening to music while working is very beneficial to your brain, it helps you absorb more information and work faster, but it is very important to choose the right music.

Scientific studies managed to find the best music to help the brain to be concentrated, it is best to listen to instrumental music. Regardless of the rhythm, ideally the music does not have lyrics, these can deconcentrarte.

Take small breaks

The best way to stay focused for longer is to work for shorter periods of time.

The ideal is to take 10 minutes of rest every 50 minutes of work, stand and go for a walk, have a coffee or eat a fruit, talk to your colleagues or just look out the window.

During these 10 minutes, avoid at all costs the contact with your mobile phone, unless your work is of the creative type and has nothing to do with social networks.

You can improve concentration by eating better

Heavy meals are the main enemy of concentration, when you eat large amounts of fatty foods and junk, the brain goes into a state of lethargy.

This happens because your body needs too much energy to digest everything you just ingest, and the blood that should normally flow to the brain to work properly becomes slow.

Eating well is a universal key to solving almost every problem that the human body presents.

Stimulate your brain constantly

The brain needs stimuli and training to be able to concentrate and have better memory.

Classical music, doing cardio, reading a book, learning a language, doing a craft course, stimulating the brain makes it smarter and you can improve your memory.


Improve concentration is a task that requires constancy and strength of will, you also need a bit of maturity to learn not to distract yourself with everything that happens around you.

At the beginning will seem difficult and it will be a little frustrating, but the more time you spend, the easier it will be to concentrate, the more productive you will be and the less frustration you will have.

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