How to tame your thick, fizzy hair

Nobody wants frizzy hair. As it just puts an instant crimp into our style. Plus it looks like a big puffy haystack on top of our heads.

But it seems that most of the common fixes for fizzy hair are only temporary as they leave your hair even drier than before. Why is that? Most treatments for frizzy hair require the use of harsh chemicals or use of high heat. The procedures leave your hair abused and weaker.

The more you fuss over your hair by using your beloved flat iron, hair dryer, curler, heated scrunches the more frizzy it becomes. The less you fuss over your hair, the less frizzy your hair will be. But you might be thinking but how can I style my hair without using those tools?

How to smooth out your frizz

The solution lies with an all-star innovation called Sleep Styler that styles you hair while you sleep, leaving it smooth and frizz-free.

Most leave-in curlers are extremely uncomfortable to sleep on, making you wake up tired and exhausted. But these core curlers are made from marshmallow soft memory-foam. The curlers are soft as your pillows and mold with your pillows, allowing you to sleep peacefully throughout the night.

They are very easy to apply, just wash your hair and towel dry. Then divide your hair into 8 parts and wrap them around the straps and depending on how you fold the straps you can straighten or curl your hair. Once the Sleep Styler straps are applied, it is time to go to bed. When you wake up in the morning, quickly remove your straps and voila! You will have perfectly styled hair with zero frizzes and zero flyaway hair.

This simple solution allows you to style your hair but without exposing it to high heat treatments. So your hair will be become healthier and stronger. The straps are designed to wrap around the memory-foam cores. The styling possibilities are endless.

It works best with shoulder length hair and longer hair. The material used here, is designed to work with all hair types, even the thinnest hair to the thickest, kinky hair.

You will find that by using this product you will save time on styling your hair daily. Studies show that the average woman spends about 30 minutes of their precious time on their hair daily. With this product you will only need 5 minutes a day for beautifully styled hair.

Sleep Styler styles you hair while you sleep

Other tips for taming the frizz

Change your shampoo. Choose a shampoo that lists glycerin as one of the first few ingredients. Glycerin helps to combat frizzy flyaway hairs by hydrating the hair strands from the inside out.

Always use a conditioner. This moisturizes your hair and prevents the hair cuticle from drying up. Look for conditioners that contain Shea butter and glycerin.

Use a hydrating mask once a week. Well-hydrated hair is the secret for preventing frizz. Look for hair treatments that are oil-infused with castor oil or coconut oil. These oils don’t just hydrate your hair but leave them with a healthy sheen that looks amazing when styled.

Never brush your hair when it’s dry. This causes static elasticity that leads to a frizzy mess.

Avoid using products on your hair that are alcohol based, as this ingredient will dry your hair out. Many of the common hair styling products found at the local drug store contain alcohol, as it is cheap filler.

With your Sleep Styler and these simple hints, you will win the battle on frizz.

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