Erectile dysfunction is a common trouble but taboo

Natural solutions for erectile dysfunction, you do not suffer from this problem and learn how to solve it. The number of people suffering from erectile dysfunction and the small number of men who are open to talk about this problem is a very delicate issue, men seem to be ashamed to suffer from this problem and do not seek help on time.

9 out of 10 men worldwide suffer or have suffered some form of sexual dysfunction. The worst of the case, is that in 80% of cases, this can be corrected with an appropriate and often natural treatment. The main reason because the erectile dysfunction is still a taboo subject today is that it is mistakenly associated with a lack of masculinity or sexual deviations.erectile dysfunction causes

Who can suffer from erectile dysfunction?

The common denominator is that men in their 40s suffer from some form of sexual dysfunction, because the levels of testosterone in the body go down drastically.

But the truth is that any man with an active sex life can begin to suffer from this disorder, regardless of age, physical condition or sexual orientation.

This is because the factors that trigger sexual impotence are different, such as: psychological problems, external factors (such as fractures), or some genetic problem.

However you do not have to worry, today there are very effective treatments to remedy this problem. If you pay attention to this article and the recommendations that I present, you will not use Viagra in order to have a normal intimate performance.

Techniques to prevent erectile dysfunction

These are some of the most effective techniques and natural remedies for erectile dysfunction, try them out and improve your sexual health.

Increase the frequency with which you have sexual activity

A recent scientific study showed that men who have sex once a week or less have a much higher percentage of erectile dysfunction than men who have intimate relationships more than twice a week.

You should get fit

The overweight is the basis of almost all the physical and health problems that exist today, this is the first thing you must take into account and put in order, it is necessary to take care of food and avoid excesses.

Excessive junk food, alcohol abuse and sedentary lives are habits and bad habits that may be interfering with your ability to have erections.

Avoid bicycles

The shape of the seat of the bicycles generates a low impact on the perineum that does not generate immediate discomfort or immediate problems, but that enlarge the atrophy the vascular system of the zone. This causes blood flow to the penis area to be affected and less blood to be pumped when you have an erection.

Take dietary supplements that stimulate testosterone production

The most recommended are the naturals, since otherwise they can generate side effects and dangerous cardiovascular problems, it is best to avoid steroid drugs.

Look for nutritional supplements that are 100% natural, a task a few complicated, since there are thousands of supplements on the market that use chemicals and corrosive ingredients.

One of the most used is RX24, it is designed to stimulate the body and that this produces more testosterone naturally, is effective and free of side effects.


Erectile dysfunction is a taboo subject, if you are suffering from this problem is time for you to seek help, either naturally or with drugs prescribed by a specialist; the important is that you look for the solution and do not torment yourself any more.

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