Bodysuits – The Real Truth Behind this Popular Trend

What are the pros and cons to wearing a bodysuit? In our opinion, the advantages outweigh the cons. But we will let you decide on the final verdict – If bodysuits are worth all of the hype.


If you have ever worn a one-piece swimsuit, then you can easily imagine the biggest pitfall for a bodysuit – going to the bathroom. It can cause a huge inconvenience, as you try to strip off your skinny jeans, jacket, and shirt just to be able to use the toilet.

Some brands have placed a snap-open gusset for easier bathroom access, but sometimes, those snaps can be extremely uncomfortable. They are easier enough to rip open but closing them while wearing the bodysuit, can be a totally different story.

Most women’s bodysuits are wedgie prone because of their cut. Most women who wear a bodysuit are striving for a streamlined look, with no visible panty lines. Hence, they prefer styles with a thong, which tend to cause wedgies.

Plus, while wearing a thong bodysuit, make sure you don’t pair it with anything low-cut. The only thing worse than a wedgie is a whale tail.


Believe us, the pros outweigh the cons! The key is in finding the right bodysuit. They’re ideal for flaunting your curves, holding everything in and giving the tummy control where you need it most.

Finally, you can tuck in your shirt with zero bunching under your pants. No more un-tucked shirts that have slowly risen up, making your midsection look bigger than it should.

If you have had a chance to look at the wide variety of bodysuits online, you will love the designs, cutouts or bareback styles.

Bodysuits help to keep everything in place, including your bra and that little piece of fat the spills out from under your bra. Allowing you to look a little risqué at night but without worrying about a fashion malfunction.

There are a few drawbacks but they are worth every penny. If you are still not convinced, get inspired with these chic looks. After checking out these styles, you will understand why the bodysuit is a must-have for every woman this season.

Off-the-shoulder bodysuit
Paired with a pair of wide-legged, high-rise trousers with same tone bodysuit and opting for minimal accessories, will have you looking like a celebrity in seconds.

Lace-up bodysuit
One of the most iconic looks of all time – the lace-up bodysuit and skinny jeans. Perhaps this is the easiest look to pull of, as it is flattering on everyone and it is so easy to pull together. If you aren’t too keen with a lace-up style then switch up the look with a scoop neck or turtleneck style.

Layer it with a jacket
Yes, your versatile favorite bodysuit will work great during the colder months, just pair it with a similar colored jacket and some winter accessories such as a big, fluffy scarf for an ultra-trendy look. The best part is nobody will even notice that you are wearing your favorite summer top in wintertime!

With a pencil skirt
Nothing is more feminine than the pencil skirt, except for the sleek silhouette created by wearing a bodysuit with it. Your top won’t come un-tucked all day, leaving you looking clean-cut no matter how busy your day was.

Athleisure wear
No need for baggy tees here. Step up your casual look with a streamlined look by combining your athletic pants with your bodysuit, a sporty bomber and pair of pumps or sneakers and you are ready to attack the world.

The boyfriend jean
This classic look is sure to be your favorite, as the slim bodysuit combines perfectly with the boyfriend jean style, leaving you looking relaxed and chilled but totally put together. Bodysuits are the key to perfecting this look.

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